Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help Mother Goose

 Hello everyone! Summer is finally here! I have been working on 4th of July orders and they are all turning out so cute! Also this little twirl skirt
which can be done in any fabric combination and is perfect for the little girly girl in your life who loves to spin around to see her skirt twirl.

Now, I have a great big, giant, HUGE favor to ask everyone. I have entered into a contest to win a grant to grow my little business. As of now, my embroidery machine can only do 4x4 inches...which is fine for baby and toddler shirts, but that means I can't really make things big enough to look right on older toddler and kids t-shirts. My machine is meant for at home ocassional use, and it gets used every single day...which is why it has to be put in the shop quite often to be re-tuned. 

My dream machine that would enable me to make everything that all of you can dream up is 10 thousand dollars...and that just so happens to be the amount that I could win from this grant. So I am asking all of you to please go here and like the PostNet facebook page, then go to the contest and vote for Mother Goose Collections. Voting ends on June 8th and the top 5 winners will be judged by a panel to decide the winner. I would be very grateful if you would go and vote for me and please spread the word so that I can get a shot at growing my wonderful little business that I have been so blessed run. 

I am very thankful for every single one of my customers, you guys have made this all worth while!

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