Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotlight on Miss Shayne Madison!

 Tell us a little bit about yourself:
My name is Kara and I am married to a firefighter/paramedic. I love to shop. I used to dance and really miss it. I love having fun with my children and my friends and take every opportunity, even if it means skipping some chores or work. ;)

Tell us about your kids: 
I have a son, Caden, who's 8. He loves penguins and his favorite color is green. His favorite activity is swimming. He has the biggest imagination and loves to tell anyone about his wild thoughts.
My daughter, Shayne, is 20 months old (8/17). Shayne is a diva, in every aspect and meaning. She is also a very sweet, silly, and very adventurous toddler. She is known to hold her own in any situation and make things work for her. Shayne is also a beauty pageant queen. She loves being on the stage and getting lots of attention. 

Your son has a genetic condition...tell us a little about that:
Caden has Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1 for short). He was born with a diseased bone in his leg as a result and has had multiple surgeries and procedures to correct the deformity and disease. So far, he's one of the luckier ones and his leg is healing and won't require amputation. He has a MRI every year because his body does not have the ability to stop tumors from forming. Caden also fights everyday to have any resemblance of a normal childhood due to brain disfunctions that have caused behavior and very minor learning problems. He is absolutely amazing and you'd never know by looking at him that he wasn't a completely normal, healthy child.

Have you always liked boutique style bows and clothing on little ones:
I remember shopping in boutiques with my mom when I was very young and was known for my gigantic hairbows that I always wore. When I found out I was having a girl I was so excited to get to have the same fun with my own daughter. I am completely hooked. "My name is Kara, I am an addict. I can't live without big bows and boutique clothes" 

How did you hear about Mother Goose Collections:
I heard about MGC from this fabulous girl named Seana whom I love dearly. Hehehe
[Seana is one of my twins just f.y.i and also great friends with Kara]

What is your favorite item that you have received from Mother Goose Collections:
I have two favorites that we have from Mother Goose Collections. One is the Little Sister ribbon onesie with Shayne's name on it with matching socks and bow. Shayne wore it home from the hospital and it was just so cute and sweet. My other favorite is all the firefighter themed bows and outfits Paula has custom made for us. She has taken a typically boy centered theme and made beautiful fun things for my girl to show her pride in her daddy's job.

Any closing thoughts:
Mother Goose Collections is one of the few boutiques that has received a lot of my return business. Paula is so easy to work with, everything turns out beautifully, and her prices are more than fair. Every piece feels like it's been created with love. When you buy as many boutique clothes and bows as I do you learn to recognize and spot the quality differences, this is one of the best places to come for that quality. We love Ms Paula both personally and in her work.

Thank you Kara for taking the time to be our featured fan! I hope you all enjoyed reading Kara's answers as much as I did! To learn more about the condition her son Caden has (Neurofibromatosis Type 1) check out www.CTF.org

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