Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight on the Cuevas twins!

(Tatum's bow by Mother Goose Collections, the Onesies are not)
Tell us a little bit about yourself:
My husband Jason and I live in Montgomery, TX.  We have been married for 7 years.  We own a cheerleading gym together.  We love working with children.  Our favorite past times are traveling, spending time with family, listening to live music, and going dancing.  However nothing beats spending time with our babies!

Tell us about your kiddos:
Tanner and Tatum are 8 months old born July 20, 2010, only 2 days after my birthday!  They were the best present I have ever been given/blessed with.  Tanner weighed 6.8 lbs and Tatum weighed 5.1 lbs.  I carried them 36 weeks and 4 days which is almost full term for twins.  Tanner is all boy.  He loves to bang his toys, make loud noises, play with his twin sister, and cuddle with his mommy and daddy ( especially daddy) .  He is a very happy baby who smiles all the time.  He started crawling early at about 6 1/2 months.  He stands up on everything he can pull himself up on.  I swear he will be walking by next month!  Tatum loves to observe everything around her.  She is a little more on the serious side with strangers however she is mommy's little cuddle bug.  It surprises me that she is a mommy's girl!  Her favorite game is Kissing Monster which she can play for hours.  I can never have to many kisses from them!  Tatum has mixed feeling for her brother right now.  She does not like him to invade her personal space.  She gets quite upset and cries when he touches her and she isn't in the mood.  typical female!  LOL  However there are moments that the both of them are starting to play with each other and have a blast. Giggling, sharing binkys, rolling all over each other, and watching Baby Einstein.  They LOVE Baby Einstein!  One of their favorite things to play with are empty water bottles.  If I had known that sooner, it would have saved me alot of money at Christmas time.  HAHA  Tatum also loves all of her stuffed animals.  She loves to hold, hug, and kiss all of them.  Every trip we go on we bring them a stuffed animal from that place and she lights up every time we give it to her.  It is so cute!  Both of them are very ticklish too and loves to play Tickle Monster.

Tell us the story about how you found out you were having twins:
Jason and I were trying to get pregnant and start our family in 2007.  After trying for over 2 years we were referred to a fertility specialist.  We underwent 3 different procedures which ended all up with a negative pregnancy result and broken hearts every time.  In November we decided to go to the next step which was Invitro-fertilization.  So we knew the possibility of having twins were greatly increased.  In December my pregnancy test came back positive with a trip to the hospital the next day.  I had OHS  Ovarian-Hyper stem Syndrome. I was in the hospital a few days however my Dr. told me it was a good sign that the pregnancy was a strong one probably because I had twins.  Later that month it was confirmed we had been blessed with two babies and we were so excited.  The best is when they told us we were having a girl and a boy.  The best of both worlds!  My pregnancy was touch and go for the duration of the 9 months.  I was pretty much on bed rest the first 4 months of pregnancy and then the last 2 months.  The last 2 was pretty much voluntary because I didn't want to risk anything happening to the babies.  I wanted to keep them in their cozy oven until they were fully done!  Both of our families have been so supportive from the very beginning.  Actually both sides of our families helped us finance and be able to afford the medical procedures.  They have also been very generous in helping supply the babies with clothes, supplies, diapers, and formula.  We are so blessed with a wonderful family.  Our babies are so loved! 

Do twins run in your family?:  
Actually yes they do.  I have a twin sister named Samantha and my dad's sister had a twin brother.  Whether it was medical advancement or just God's plan we are so happy to have twins.  Wouldn't have it any other way! 

Have you always liked the boutique style clothing and big bows for little ones?:

I love boutique style clothing!  I grew up with a big bow in my hair until I was in Jr. High.  However, I still wore big bows every now and then because of cheerleading.  Its what I've always known.  These two babies are so original and so special I love dressing them up to show that off.  I don't want to dress them like every other baby because they aren't like every other baby!  They are our babies!  I never take for granted that we were so blessed with two of the most perfect babies in the world!  "Our" world that is!

How did you hear about Mother Goose Collections?: 

A friend recommended for cute baby stuff.  One day I went on there and looked up Halloween outfits for babies.  I came across Mother Goose Collections and the rest is history!  I loved the outfits she sent so I had to use her again!  Again, again, and again!  Paula is wonderful to work with!  She does amazing designs and is a pleasure to do business with!  I am so happy I discovered Mother Goose Collections!  I have received so many compliments on the twins outfits and Tatum's bows.  i hope I have been able to generate more business for her! 

Which of the twins Mother Goose Collections outfits have gotten them the most attention?:  

All of the outfits are adorable but I think one of the most popular outfits from my friends and family are the Mardi Gras outfts!    I personally loves the Christmas outfits that I had Paula create for the twins and their cousins.  All of them were born in the same year within 8 months of each other! 

Any closing thoughts?:  

Thank you for choosing to spotlight our family.  We are just your everyday average hard-working family who love their kids more than anything in the whole world!  I hope the twin's pictures put a smile on others peoples faces the way they do mine.  They are such a light and inspiration to our lives.  Its great to share that with others!  Thank you Mother Goose Collections for all of your amazing designs.  Each set you make is made with love, appreciation, and hard work.  I love that I have found not only my favorite boutique clothing maker but a new friend for life!  Your the best Paula!
 Thank you Tori for sharing your adorable family with us!

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work! Your the best! Love, The Cuevas Family