Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful babies

Making things for precious little ones is so much fun! Seeing pictures of your adorable kiddos in one of my designs really just makes my day. I love getting pictures of happy customers! So, today I would like to share with you some gorgeous photos of a couple of way too cute little girls!

 This little beauty is Haylee. Isn't she precious? Her mommy is Amy Robertson and took these amazing pictures of the girls!

 The 3 inch pig tail bows, and petti tutu that little Haylee is wearing are both Mother Goose Collections originals.

 As well as this cute shirt! It reads "A girls best friend" and as you can see has an adorable high heel shoe appliqued. This outfit can be done in just about any color combination.
 And here is Haylee's big sister Rylee. Such sweet sisters!
 Rylee is wearing a Mother Goose Collections pink and black tutu with a matching 5 inch over the top bow.
 Rylee's tank top is also a Mother Goose Collections design that reads "DIVA" in fun animal print pinks and blacks. This top can also be done in many different color combinations.
 Aren't these girls so sweet?!

Now I must say, if you are anywhere near the Orlando Florida area and want some AMAZING photographs, go check out She truly has a talent in capturing beautiful moments. I have never seen a picture from her that has not had my jaw on the floor thinking "WOW what a gorgeous photo!". You can also find her on facebook here I want to share a picture that she took of my 5th grand baby for her newborn photos...

Little Evelyn's Snow White bow was of course made by Mother Goose Collections. My daughter works at Disney World, and by the looks of this picture I'll let you guess what she does there :-)
I hope you all enjoyed these beautiful pictures, Thank you Amy for sharing them!

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