Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bags, Bags, Bags!

 Not only does Mother Goose Collections provide you with adorable bows and outfits for your precious little ones, we also offer bags! There are a couple of different sizes and styles to choose from, but the most popular seems to be the one I am going to feature here today....

These multi-purpose bags measure 12 inches wide, 10 inches high, and 4 inches deep. If you are wanting to carry everything (including the kitchen sink) then you will want to go with my actual diaper bag style bag, but these little puppies are perfect for the on the go mom or student! Not too big and bulky, yet big enough to carry all your essentials. This adorable University of Tennessee bag sells for 38.00 with the lovely boutique bow attached and personalized with your name. Of course the price goes down if you don't want the boutique style bow or the personalization.

 This is my princess version of the bag. Perfect for all those little girly girls. The princess bag sells for $33.00

 This is the more simple version of the beloved bag. Still adorable in every way. This version of the bag sells for $28.00 which includes the removable bow and personalization.

 And we can't forget those little boys out there now can we?? The boy version also sells for $28.00. If you would like your bag with no personalization and no bow, they sell for $24.00. The most simple and yet elegant way I can do these bags. 

 These bags make for GREAT trick or treat bags during Halloween. Bags you can use year after year and have as a keep sake for your little one. They can be done in any color combination or fabric, or even made to match one of your Mother Goose original outfits or ribbon onesies/shirts!

I would love to create the perfect bag for you!


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